Pet Sitting

“We Make Pets Happy…One Tail At A Time!”

We’ve Got Your Back

You love your pets and they love you. What do you do when you go away to work or on vacation?

Expose them to illness and parasites at a kennel?

Let them suffer from travel trauma?

Beg for help from neighbors, friends, and family?

Pet Assist is easier for you and better for them.

Your Pets Stay Happy With a Pet Assist Pet Sitter

Serving pet owners in Norwood, Canton, Sharon, Westwood, and Walpole, MA.

Quality In-Home Pet Sitting

Need proof your pet will be in the best hands? After all, you’re a pet parent! Pet Assist is backed by independent client reviews you can trust. Our team has received the industry’s hardest-to-win awards for service. And each one of our employees is 100% committed to delivering the best service possible.

Peace of Mind

We are professionals and that’s important for you and your pet. Whether your pets have fur, feathers, or scales, Pet Assist will give you freedom from worry. You’ll know your pet is happy and safe because they’re receiving one-on-one time from a trusted friend. We take care of all the details. And yes, there’s back-up and tested procedures to cover any pet emergencies.

Highly Trained Pet Sitters

Your pet’s safety is number one for you and it’s number one for us. The level of training we give employees is unmatched. Think best-of-the-best with comprehensive screening, detailed procedures manual, Pet Assist University, and careful supervision. Our training has led to hundreds of happy pets who don’t feel anxious or nervous when their owner is away.

Pet Sitting Packages and Rates

  • Our deluxe pet sitting package includes up to three 30-minute visits per day by a trained pet sitter.
  • Fresh food and water
  • TLC play time
  • A dog walk
  • A treat (upon your approval)
  • Check heating and cooling system
  • Clean cat litter
  • Bring in mail and newspaper
  • Alternate blinds and lights
  • Only 29.90/Visit
  • A quick 15-minute check by a trained pet sitter. One express visit per day from 10:00 am-4:00 pm.
  • Fresh food and water
  • Some reassuring TLC
  • Potty break for your dog
  • A treat (upon your approval)
  • Check heating and cooling system
  • Clean cat litter
  • Bring in mail and newspaper
  • Alternate blinds and lights
  • Only 24.90/Visit

Client Testimonial

Pet Assist has an incredible process and incredible service that meets all of our pet walking and pet sitting needs. We love pet assist.

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Terms & Conditions and Important Information:


To ensure your dog walker has access to your house to care for your dogs, we recommend you maintain a lock box with two sets of door keys on the outside of your home. The box may be attached to your door, or railing, or another location easily accessible by your dog walker. It must have a combination lock.  Lock boxes are available from Pet Assist for a $35 deposit (refundable up to one year).

If you prefer not to use a lock box, you may provide us with two sets of keys; one for the dog walker and one to keep on file at the office in case of emergency.

Please provide two sets of keys. A backup set is necessary in case a key should break or your dog walker accidentally locks themselves and your dogs out of your house. Should this occur and you have not provided Pet Assist with backup keys, we will call a locksmith. There will be a minimum $125 fee for this service. In addition you will be charged for the time the Pet Assist dog walker has to remain with your dogs. This fee is subject to increase on holidays and weekends. Please test all keys; making sure they work.

Please have keys ready at the Get Acquainted Visit. There will be a $20 fee if another trip to pick-up keys becomes necessary. Pet Assist can have duplicate keys made for $12 per key.